We are in open beta

Everything related to is still very much work in progress. Please bear with us that some things are still a bit buggy or functionality is missing. We are really grateful if you share your feedback on Slack as this helps make a product we all want to use. Thank you :)

To use the API, you need to authenticate your requests with an API Key.
To get an API Key, sign up on our Dashboard, verify your account and log in afterwards.
We automatically provide you with a default API key, which is valid for one year. However, you also have the option to create additional API Keys with a custom expiration date in the Dashboard.

5 API Keys per environment

You can create 5 API Keys per environment (5 for Paper Money and 5 for Real Money). You have the option to delete API Keys to make space for new ones.

Authentication Header

Place your API Key in the authorization header of your request in the format


See the example to retrieve your spaces on the right.


1import requests
2import json
4request = requests.get("", headers={"Authorization": "Bearer YOUR-API-KEY"})