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Wanna get started quickly and place your first Paper Money order within minutes? Then this page is for you. Below, we give you a quick overview of the steps you need to take to make your first request with the lemon.markets API. If you are interested in diving deeper: click the links in the respective sections. The process in our Quickstart Tutorial looks like this:

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1import requests
2import json
4market_data_key = 'YOUR-MARKET-DATA-KEY'
5request = requests.get("https://data.lemon.markets/v1/instruments",
6          headers={"Authorization": f"Bearer {market_data_key}"})


To use the lemon.markets API, you need to authenticate your requests with an API Key. To get an API Key, sign up on our Dashboard, verify your account and log in afterwards. We automatically provide you with a default API key, which is valid for one year. However, you also have the option to create additional API Keys with a custom expiration date in the Dashboard.

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Error Handling

This page is concerned with providing you with specific information on error handling. The error message will return a JSON response that contains a specific error code and error message. Find out more details on specific error codes for the Trading and Market Data API on the error codes page.

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Error Code
API Key is not provided in HTTP header, cannot be decoded by backend or API Key does not exist
Provided API Key is revoked or user is deleted/suspended
The required entity xxx does not exist
Error is thrown when something is wrong on our end.

Rate Limiting

The lemon.markets API implements rate limiting to make sure we can provide a great experience to each and every user. Find out more details about the rate limit: Its benefits for you, how it affects you and finally, how to use our API in a way that provides both you and everyone else with a great experience.

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HTTP Header
Number of permitted API requests per time interval (currently: per minute).
Number of permitted API requests left in this time interval.
Number of seconds until the current time interval ends.
Number of seconds until a successful response will be sent.
NOTE: Will only be returned when the HTTP status code was 429.

Trading API

In the Trading API, we provide different endpoints that allow you to build your own trading product. Find more information on the specific endpoints below.


In your account, all important information about yourself are stored. Based on your account, you can, among others, deposit money to (new) spaces, withdraw money to your reference account or access all your tax-related information. Find more specific information below.

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Easily manage your Orders with the /orders endpoints. You can create and activate new orders, retrieve your previous orders or cancel existing orders. Find more information on all existing /orders endpoints below.

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After you placed a few orders, you might be interested in seeing how your Positions look like. Using the /positions endpoint, you can get in-depth information on all your positions. In general, a position is the result of an executed order. Find more information on the /positions endpoints below.

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Market Data

A key feature of lemon.markets is the possibility to access market data conveniently via our Market Data API. Find more information on the Market Data API endpoints below.

Instruments & Trading Venues

The Market Data API allows you to identify tradable instruments and get information on trading venues connected to the lemon.markets API. Find more information below.

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Historical Market Data

Using our Market Data API, you conveniently retrieve Quotes, Open-High-Low-Close (OHLC) data (M1/H1/D1) as well as Prices and Trades for a specific instrument. Find more information below

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Live Streaming

A key feature of lemon.markets is the possibility to access live market data conveniently via our Live Streaming API. Find more information on the Live Streaming API elements below.

Connection Setup

Using the SDK from our partner Ably, you can set up a live stream of messages from our Live Straming API.

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Live Market Data

You can use lemon.markets to stream live market data. Find more information below.

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We provide different resources that help you to easily get started with lemon.markets. Find more information below.

Open API Specification

If you prefer to work with OpenAPI/Swagger, we prepared Swagger files for both the Trading and the Market Data API.

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Always keep up to date with our latest changes to our API, Dashboard or Mobile App. See the Changelog below.

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lemon.markets Resources

lemon.markets is a user-centric product that only makes sense if it is built from developers for developers. Therefore, we will always strive to provide tools and possibilites that make the experience for you (our users) even better. Below, you can find different resources that will (hopefully) improve your lemon.markets experience.

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Community SDKs

We believe that a great SDK should not neccesarily come from us, the company that is building the project, but instead that community members know better what functionality makes their development process more convenient and effective. Find a list of community SDKs below.

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