Trading / What are Spaces?


We are in open beta

Everything related to is still very much work in progress. Please bear with us that some things are still a bit buggy or functionality is missing. We are really grateful if you share your feedback on Slack as this helps make a product we all want to use. Thank you :)

Spaces allow you to build different use cases in an isolated place. In short:

  • To build a trading product with us, you need at least one space. When you sign up we already create a default Space for you.
  • You can limit the risk of your brokerage product by setting a risk limit for your Space. The Risk Limit is the maximum amount of money you can spend on placing orders. It is therefore also the maximum amount of money you can lose.
  • You can use the Space ID to place orders for a specific space.

With spaces, we are offering you more flexibility for your trading experience. A space allows you to build a specific trading use case. Using Spaces, you have the chance to very specifically deposit a certain amount of money into one specific place and use it for only one use case. When you sign up to, we create your account and one default Space, which is ready to be used.

To demonstrate the usability of Spaces, imaginge the following example:

  • you create a new Space and set a Risk Limit for it.
  • Afterwards, you start developing your own trading strategy in that Space.
  • After a while, you realise that the strategy does not perform in the way you hoped/expected it to.
  • As the trading strategy is only related to one space, you have limited your overall risk, as only that specific space is affected.
  • You can therefore try out different things almost risk-free by testing them with a small amount of money.
  • Subsequently, you have the chance to adapt your strategy or add certain aspects if you notice that things are not going as planned.
  • Once you are happy with the results, you can increase your Risk Limit and increase your return.

Sounds good? 😏

10 Spaces per environment

You can create 10 Spaces per environment (10 for Paper Money and 10 for Real Money). You have the option to delete a Space to make space (😏) for a new one.

You have two options to create a new Space:

  1. Use our API to create a new Space.
  2. You can manually create a new Space in our Dashboard.

Find more information here.

Log into our Dashboard and click on "Create Space". There, you have the option to set:

  • a Name
  • a Risk Limit
  • and a Description