Trading / Overview and API Structure

Overview and API Structure

We are in open beta

Everything related to is still very much work in progress. Please bear with us that some things are still a bit buggy or functionality is missing. We are really grateful if you share your feedback on Slack as this helps make a product we all want to use. Thank you :)

A key feature of is the possibility to conveniently place orders via our Trading API. This chapter is concerned with giving you an overview of all aspects regarding trading.

The Trading API can be reached via the URL:

for Paper Money Trading and

for Real Money Trading.

In general, the structure of the Trading API is designed like this:

Authentication Process

Use our Postman Collection to conveniently try out all endpoints in the Trading API

Run in Postman

On average, we allow 100 requests per minute, with an allowed burst to 300 requests per minute. After that, we make a hard cut. Please note that we have separate Rate Limits for the Trading and the Market Data API, meaning that one rate limit does not influence the other.

Pagination in the Trading API works with the two parameters limit and page.

With limit, you define the number of results you want to display per page. With page you can go to a specific results page. So imagine you would have 80 results in total, and would define a limit of 10 and that you want to see page 2. This would return you the results 11-20.

See the specific endpoints for more detailed information on how to use pagination in the trading API.

In the Trading API, we offer all numbers in the Integer format only. However, we still need to distinguish between two different cases.

If you want to enter a quantity (e.g. when you place an order and want to specify how many stocks you want to buy), you can simply enter the "normal" quantity you want to buy or sell --> "quantity" = 1 will result in you buying 1 stock.

The Integer format for all places where an amount of currency is specified works differently. In general, you need specify the price as a hundreths of a cent.

Some Examples:

AmountInteger Specification
EndpointEndpoint Parameters with Integer Specification
Account- balance
- cash_to_invest
- cash_to_withdraw
- tax_allowance
- amount
Spaces- risk_limit
- buying_power
- earnings
- backfire
Orders- stop_price
- limit_price
- regulatory_information
- estimated_price
Portfolio- buy_price
- sell_price