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We believe that a product is much better and more enjoyable if the user can actively participate in the creation process. This is not just a nice saying that sounds good. Many aspects of the product you are now using are a result of constant user feedback and suggestions on how to make things better.

In the end, is a very user-centric product that only makes sense if it is built from developers for developers. Therefore, we will always strive to provide tools and possibilities that make the experience for you (our users) even better.

Below, you can find different resources that will (hopefully) improve your experience.


SDKs are a major part of We are convinced that a great SDK should come from the community, as only users know the actual relevant use cases and which features would make the development experience even better. So, we highly encourage you to contribute to the existing SDKs or create your own: Python, JavaScript, C#, Typescript, R: there is no limit to your creativity (well, besides the fact that there are only ~ 700 programming languages you can write an SDK for).
Check out our Community SDKs page to find a SDK that fits your coding preferences.

If you need help or have any questions, please reach out to or via our community

Get Started Content


We regularly publish content on our blog that hopefully helps you to develop your own ideas for a brokerage product. The blog is one of our main ways to transparently communicate what we are working on and inspire our (potential) users to build their own tool. We try to keep a good mix between tutorials for beginners that enable a fresh and pleasant start into our API, complex projects for advanced developers, informational content pieces about technology and/or the stock market as well as insights. Subscribe to never miss a content piece.

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Postman Collection

We created a Postman collection that lets you conveniently try out all of our API endpoints. You can fork the collection and the attached environments to your own workspace. Find the Postman Collection here and find a quickstart on how to use it here.

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Check out our YouTube channel where we regularly post videos that accompany one of our blog post or other interesting content that might help you to develop your creative trading product. Our videos are often times step-by-step tutorials that explain a specific brokerage product or trading strategy in detail. Therefore: Subscribe to our channel to always be up-to-date on new videos.

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Collaborate with us

If you have a good idea for a new blog article/YouTube video or would like to share your project with others please reach out to or via our community to brainstorm about a collaboration project 🤝 🍋


A good product for developers in our opinion becomes only great when there is an interactive community around it. We’ve all been looking for an answer to a problem in a forum, we’ve all been happy when we found one. So for us it makes sense to create a place where you can exchange ideas, get answers to your questions and solve problems together. Therefore, if you are interested in an interactive exchange about all topics, please join our Slack community.